Preventing tragic medication accidents in a few simple steps

Sometimes what seem like little mistakes can have big consequences.  Not storing medicines properly is something that can easily be overlooked day after day and not be a problem until one day it becomes a really big problem.  Safe medication storage is especially important during school holidays, and during family vacations when normal routines are changed, and children have more time to find trouble. When a child does find and ingest medications, the results can be frightening, costly and sometimes tragic, leaving parents with a great deal of guilt.

Making sure medicines are stored properly is something that is very easy to put off, but do not procrastinate on this! First, make certain medications are up and out of reach in your own home and car. This should be a locked medicine cabinet well out of reach. Make sure you also have a safe place for any family guests to store their medications.


Have a look at this infographic. Children discover household medications when they are misplaced or on the ground (27%), in a purse (20%), on the nightstand (20%), or in a pillbox that is easily accessed (15%).  So, today take a few minutes and carefully go through all the places where you keep medicines. Safely discard all expired medicines (take them to the hospital pharmacy), as well as any remaining antibiotics (that should have been taken completely as prescribed). Then, lock them ALL up in a safe place and keep it locked. By doing this, you will prevent tragic and avoidable accidents.


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