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Happy Healthy Children: A Blog by Dr. Anjana Sachabudhawong

Raising children may be the most important, and sometimes the most difficult, thing we will ever do. While we all want to do our best, the reality is that modern life brings many questions and challenges to successful parenting and a happy childhood. To navigate these decisions and encourage the positive physical and emotional development of our children means we need to work together and communicate effectively. This is why I developed this blog- to encourage active communication between my patients, their parents and me.

I believe that all parents want to do what is right for their children but sometimes misunderstandings, incorrect information, or the stress in our complicated lives can lead us down the wrong path. The abundance of inaccurate and misleading information on the Internet and from commercial advertising makes it even harder to make the right decisions. Together with the good advice of a trusted doctor, we may find that doing less is often more and taking steps towards balanced, healthier lifestyles can make all the difference. Prevention is the key. Through this blog, I want to help you sort out the current medical advances and find what works for you and your child.  I will share my personal stories and perspectives, and sometimes I will ask my colleagues and friends to share important lessons with us. I keep a careful watch on new medical developments and will share the news that can help you be a better parent. I will also share reputable online resources and effective tips I learn from patients and friends. Along the way, we will laugh, wonder, sometimes cry and always think carefully about the health and future of our children. My sincere hope is that this blog will help us learn together and do well by our children and our community.

I’m a practicing pediatrician at Samitivej Sukumvit Hospital where I see pediatric outpatients six days a week. I am also a specialist in pulmonology (lungs and lung disease) and manage the care of serious illnesses and accidents that require attention in the Intensive Care Unit. I am passionate about prevention, healthy lifestyles, and effective parenting that allow each child to develop to their full potential.

I was born and raised in beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand; a wonderful city with a rich culture. My parents had their own business, but I have three uncles who are physicians in the same city. When I was four years old, I have wonderful memories of an uncle gifting me a medical toy set as a birthday present.  It was a simple thing- a little plastic stethoscope and otoscope (to see inside the ears), and a few other little items, but it fueled my imagination. It became clear to me right from that moment that I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up. Since my grandparents were from India, I spent six years in primary school in the most beautiful hill station town of Shimla. I have very lovely memories of my time in India where friends become family, and teachers inspire you every day. I also learned to speak and read Hindi. I returned home to complete my schooling and enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine at Chiangmai University. While I always knew I wanted to be a doctor, it wasn’t until I was in medical school that I decided to become a pediatrician. The children’s ward was always fun and lively. Most of the illnesses that children come in with are acute problems, and generally things that we can help fix. I like that about it. I get a sense of satisfaction and happiness when I see them getting better and back to their normal selves, especially when those broad smiles return on the faces of the child and her parents. Not only that, as pediatricians we also get to look after healthy children and help monitor their growth and development. I found myself returning home smiling every day, and I still do!

My academic credentials:
• MD- Doctor of Medicine, Chiangmai University 1998
• Pediatric Residency – Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health 2004
• Fellowship in Pulmonology and Critical Care- Chulalongkorn Medical University
• FTAP- Fellow of the Thailand Academy of Pediatrics

The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be used to replace the relationship that exists between you and your doctor. Please contact your doctor for specific medical advice or treatment recommendations. The opinions expressed on this site are the personal opinions of Dr. Anjana and her guests and not of Samitivej Hospital. The content is not meant to be an endorsement or representation by Samitivej or any other party.  Please be aware that Dr. Anjana does not accept financial support from pharmaceutical or baby formula companies.

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