Patient Testimonials

Dr. Anjana has been my son’s paediatrician since his birth. We were not quite sure what to expect since she was so young, but over the last 3 years, she is pretty much the only doctor I trust for my son. He has had more than his fair share of visits to the hospital, with recurring wheezing attacks since he was less than a year old. Dr. Anjana has always recommended the best course of action for the stage of his attack, including long term treatment options when the attacks became more frequent. She is one of the few doctors I have seen in Thailand that doesn’t prescribe excess medication, but at the same time, educates and equips parents to deal with smaller issues at home, vs. rushing to the hospital. At times when I have had to meet other doctors for emergency visits, I have always ended up with a follow up the next day to Dr. Anjana, just to ensure we are on the right treatment plan.

But I think the best testimonial of how Dr. Anjana makes a patient feel comes from my son – when he is sick or has to take his regular immunization injections, he practically drags me out the door saying “lets go see Dr. Anjana”. He knows she is the one who makes him feel better
Zohar, Pratima and Pankaj

We have reason enough to be grateful for Dr. Anjana: she helped
our son to start breathing after a difficult birth. Since then, she has time and again made us happy to have her as our son’s pediatrician. She is an astute physician who really takes time to listen to us and our concerns which, is incredibly important for first time (nervous)parents. Her patience and calm demeanor are increasingly rare among physicians. Dr. Anjana is a remarkably pleasant person who our son seems to love.

Jens L. and Cristina G.


As first time parents living in a foreign country, we are so grateful that we have been blessed with having Dr. Anjana as our pediatrician.  She is always there to help allay any fears we might have or to reassure us that we are doing ok! She is the most patient and kind person you could ever wish to meet. What I appreciate most about Dr. Anjana is that she imparts practical knowledge and wisdom with compassion. No matter how anxious we may be about something, Dr. Anjana is always calm and this really helps make you feel at ease. I could not recommend Dr. Anjana enough to any expat living in Bangkok. She is seriously one of a kind.

Adam, Jem and Layla


“I can’t think of anything that could have been done to make the service we received any better.  I am more than pleased with the care and treatment I received for all my 3 kids who just love to go to Dr. Anjana. I was so nervous the first time I entered Dr. Anjana room as she was not my permanent doctor with my daughter who was so scared to take an injection, but Dr Anjana just made her feel at ease. Dr Anjana was so very professional and caring and explained each detail that she would be facing.  That calmed my fears. When I saw my first child come out of room so calm, I felt so much better.   My sincerest thanks to doctor, I would gladly come back for any needs in the future. The recently improved health of my kids is a credit to her expertise and attentiveness. Every time we notice the small fear regarding going to the hospital, we will remember your kindness, skill and good humor. I will be certain to continue to recommend you to everyone I know.”

Mrs. Ruby S.